Richard Raemy

Founder of DNext & certified Consultant of the Strong Interest Inventory®.

In the last 30 years of my career I worked in various fields such as office management, finances, human ressources and social work in Germany, France and Switzerland. I also have 8 years of exprience as a pastoral minister.

Building one’s own personal career is far more complicated than jumping from one opportunity to another. I had to face my doubts, find answers to my questions. It was time to take stock of the situation, reassess my values and decide what I  really wanted to accomplish professionally. My quest led me finally to the Strong Interest Inventory®. This tool helped me to identify my professional interests, confirmed my entrepreneurial spirit and was the beginning of a new adventure. Inspired by these new opportunities I created this company to share what I learned with as many as possible.

Thesedays, I accompany youth in their search for their educational and professional path. I also assist professionals in their career search and/or transition.

My aim is to help them identify their passions, their values and motivations; which enables them to make the best possible choice.

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